Author Topic: Brat Princess Ivory and Kat Trick Kats Beta into New Debt Contract Face Slapping  (Read 536 times)


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Last week we saw Ivory and Kat trick Ivory’s beta into a new debt contract. This week they are going to do it to Kat’s beta. Kat slaps her old idiot in the face until it gives up its wallet. The old man simpers and complains about his already pathetic financial situation but Kat wants her money. The old man finally hands over its wallet. Kat takes what she wants, throws the husk on the floor, and leaves. The old man crawls over to Ivory’s feet seeking comfort after the brutal wallet fuck. Ivory asks the old man why does it allow itself to be treated so poorly? The old man replies that it is in love. Ivory tells the old man that Kat does not like him and says a lot of mean things about him behind his back. She tells him that she treats her slaves a lot better than Kat treats hers. She even lets her slaves out of chastity once in a while, unlike Kat. The old man complains about how much money Kat takes from him. Ivory tells him that he could negotiate a new debt contract with her with better terms. All he has to do is say yes to Ivory and they could go to the hardware store right away for a bolt cutter and free him from Kat’s chastity. Doesn’t he want to be owned by a sweeter Princess? Ivory’s only concern is that after all the damage has done to the old man’s finances, does he even have anything left to tribute? The old man reveals that he has hidden some money away from Kat. Would Ivory like that money? Ivory agrees to start a debt contract with the old man since he has money in the hidden account. The old man thinks he can uphold two debt contracts, one with Ivory and one with Kat. Ivory is pleased. She can’t wait to get him to sign. The old man is happy, too. He can’t wait to have his lock cut and experience a few brief moments of freedom before Ivory’s lock is put on. Kat reenters. Ivory reveals that Kat was right. Her old man has been hiding money from her. Kat slaps the old man in the face and laughs. That’s what he gets for lying to his Princess. Now he will have two Princesses to serve and two debt contracts to uphold. The girls yell at him for being so selfish and stupid and then send him to crawl away.

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File Name :  Brat Princess 2 – Ivory and Kat – Trick Kats Beta into New Debt Contract [Face Slapping].mp4
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