Author Topic: Brat Princess domme face sitting Do not touch my dick and dont kiss my ass. Starring Alexa  (Read 432 times)


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Brat Princess  domme face sitting  Do not touch my dick and dont kiss my ass. Starring Alexa

Runtime: 0:11:48
Video Size: 860.24 MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format: MPEG-4

During his visit, the slave will remain in chastity for Princess Alexa for an additional month while he’s visiting. Two weeks of chastity is not long enough for Princess Alexa. Since Alexa’s house has a mistress who is a little lax with chastity rules, the slave makes a fuss. She does not care. Her house has strict rules. Alexa tells the slave that he can kiss her ass. Of course, kissing Alexa’s ass makes matters worse for the chastity slave. It is she who makes the rules who holds the key, and Alexa holds the key, so she makes the rules. As the slave continues kissing her perfect ass, Alexa places the key in plain sight, so he must look at the key controlling his cock. The slave does not give Alexa permission to hold his key. He is the property of an out-of-town Mistress and his key was given to Alexa without his prior knowledge or consent. Alexa taunts the slave that now she holds his key. Despite being chastified for so long, Alexa allows the slave to touch himself on one condition. He is not allowed to touch himself, but instead he must look at his erection and realize that he cannot control his cock, no matter how chastity is maintained. It is forbidden for him to touch his cock without the permission of a woman. Alexa permits him to touch his cock, but not stroke it. Alexa only allows the slave to edge itself. Princess Alexa now controls his cock. This isn’t about him enjoying himself.

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