Author Topic: Brat Princess Lady Natalya Slaves Testing His Selfcontrol with Edging Exercises  (Read 488 times)


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A potential slave wants to serve me. I feel that his self-control and discipline need to be tested, first. As a slave, he will only be permitted to cum when he is given permission by me. I look amazing in my leggings, and I know that he is weak for me when I wear them. I tease and deny the slave with my body. Especially my very sexy ass. He is only allowed to jerk following my precise instructions. If he cums without my permission, he will need to be put in chastity. I will make him sign a keyholder contract and I will keep the keys. Does the new slave have enough self-discipline to pass my test? Get the clip to know! (11:25 long)

This was a custom clip. To create your own custom clip find me on twitter @Prncess_Natalya

Runtime:  00:11:24
Video Size:  596 MB
Resolution:  1920×1080


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