Author Topic: Bratty Foot Girls - Sasha Foxxx Unimaginable Cruelty HD 1080p  (Read 220 times)


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Bratty Foot Girls - Sasha Foxxx Unimaginable Cruelty HD 1080p
« on: November 13, 2023, 08:49:31 AM »
Bratty Foot Girls - Sasha Foxxx Unimaginable Cruelty HD 1080p

Runtime: 0:52:02
Video Size: 2.16 GB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format: MPEG-4

In a world of giants(normal sized) and tiny people(their size is like 1/100 to normal). Tiny people almost have no power, no rights at all, the only way they are going to live is to be served and purchased by normal sized people.

Sasha just bought a group of young people(A class that just graduated from tiny's university) for a pathetic amount of money and that is just how much they are worth to her. First Sasha put them by her feet and stood up to let them understand the size and power difference, then she introduced herself as their new owner, a beautiful, wealthy, powerful and sometimes picky woman. And she announced the rights to the tinies, which are none, yes as sasha repeats the tiny people will have no rights and Sasha will have 100% right to decide whether they live and how she disposes of them, she can crush them by however she want, eat them, tease them, humiliate them or use them as sex toys. But as Sasha said, she is also a woman with principle, if the tinies behave good and do a good job, she will be gentle to them, feed them or even pet them. As Sasha raises her foot above the tinies and enjoys her power over them and sees them shaking under the shadow of her bare foot, she is so satisfied with the power she has.
The first thing Sasha would do is to have a interpreter as she can only hear squeaks from below, she selects a young attractive woman and taunt her about she must be so popular in the university and many people would spend a lot of money just to date her, but now, she is going to live in Sasha's ear as an interpreter.

Then Sasha put the tiny into her ear and sat down, maybe because of the sudden move, the girl in Sasha's scream for once, and it shocked Sasha, Sasha pulled her out with anger, holding her between fingers, sternly telling her if she knew she made a huge mistake. Actually Sasha has already decided to crush her between her fingers, but she loves the reaction of tiny people shaking, begging and fearing before her, and she is having fun with the tiny beautiful woman as Sasha telling her about how weak, pathetic and no rights as Sasha slowly close the finger up and crush her into  mush. That is enough to show every tiny who Sasha is.

The next event is to clean Sasha's feet, Sasha just sit back and relax while some tiny people are cleaning her feet, she also put some in her shoe as well, after a few minutes, she is getting bored and said, maybe her foot is too clean already, she will add some difficulties as she suddenly put her feet into the shoes and step and grind for a while to make sure everyone in her shoe is crushed and spread cross her sole and insole. Then Sasha asks the tiny people to clean again, meanwhile pick up a few tiny people to her armpit to tickle and relax her body. Sasha also puts two tiny people in her mouth as playthings to her tongue. After she has enough fun with them, she first spit the tiny people in her mouth out, and check her sole to find the tinies actually cleaned it well, which is a benefit for buying young tinies, Sasha is satisfied as she offers a biscuit and water to tinies as their reward. Now Sasha remembers the tinies in her armpit, as she open the arm she said they better hold or they will fall, as Sasha find out tinies are stick in her armpit by her sweat, she is also very happy with the result and get them off to rest.

A few days later, after a short trip Sasha returns home, once she checks the box containing tiny people, she finds out 2/3 of the tinies escaped. She get the rest of the tiny people out, hovering her feet above them, questioning where did other tinies go, but before they have the chance to speak, Sasha's foot comes down, steps on them, slowly grinds them to a paste. Sasha doesn't like tiny traitors but more importantly, Sasha likes hide and seek with tinies. As Sasha announces the game starts, she slowly walks around the room, she finds a tiny paper box which can be used as tents as tinies will take at least 2 days to get to the door. Sasha doesn't need to confirm anything, she put her foot on the paper box and slowly slowly add pressure to it, until she heard the squash sound, Sasha knows she is right. Then Sasha finds out more tiny people hide across the ground, she just walk towards them and steps on them with her sole, toes and heel without any words, taunting and other interaction, just walking and stepping like they are nothing, it is exactly what Sasha expects. Then after the ground she finds tinies on the table, and she just uses her finger tip or fist to crush the tinies as well, also speechless with a poker face. Then some other tinies come out begging for mercy as they know Sasha will find them and crush them. Sasha smiled and asked why should she have the patience and mercy to spare a group of tiny useless beings that can be bought for a few dollars? She just pick some tinies up, throw them into the blender and shredded them into pieces. Then she come back and tell the tinies, they are already done by trying to escape, coming out is ruining her hide and seek game. In that case they will be taken out by the most humiliating and painful way. Then Sasha picks another few put in her mouth, but she doesn't want to eat them, just chew them straight away and spit all the body and her spit on another tiny to soak the tiny guy. Apparently Sasha is happy with her creativity in crushing them. She picks up one girl and one boy, place on her sole and close the sole together and crush them, she also sit on one tiny one as well. After a few minutes of winding up. Sasha clearly runs out of ideas and there is still one tiny left. Sasha pick him up and ask him to scream and beg as loud as he can or she will crush him with her fingers, meanwhile enjoying the fear of the tiny between her finger, she discover a way as she walk into her bathroom, put the tiny inside the toilet and place the hand on the switch of flush. Sasha says she will hold her hand as long as she can still hear the tiny scream, or she will flush the toilet and tiny is going into the sewer. As she stand looking down and enjoying her power, she begin her final speech of she just love to towering, dominating, bullying tiny people and how they cannot resist, she also rewind some memorable moment earlier and how she feels about it. At last, the tiny is finally exhausted, Sasha waved her goodbye and flush the toilet.
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