Author Topic: Brat Princess Karly Salinas Im Going to Do My Strength Training with Your Neck Scissorhold  (Read 452 times)


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Karly needs to keep her legs in shape for her sessions. She practices scissorholds on her slave, Mutt’s, neck. Mutt complies because he really has no choice. Karly wraps her thighs around his neck. Mutt sputters and coughs. She checks her emails for sessions while strengthening her legs. She squeezes Mutt just as hard as she squeezes in her sessions. Karly does a few repetitions. She does forward and reverse scissorhold positions. Mutt is really hating being used for practice. Karly needs to do it though. She’s got to keep her legs strong! Eventually, Mutt goes lights out, but Karly wakes him with some face slaps so that she can keep going.

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File Name :  Brat Princess 2 – Karly Salinas – Im Going to Do My Strength Training with Your Neck [Scissorhold].mp4
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