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Princess Miki!

You’re so fucked. I am going to keep you stuck in the endless loop of gooning to me forever, because you’re just a little stupid addict, stuck in this cycle. But this isn’t going to be one of those ‘addiction fetish’ clips, I could easily regurgitate a simple addiction monologue and you’ll keep that hand wrapped around your cock all night, pumping and pumping and pumping to all those words that you’ve heard before. Words that only reflect your reality. But it gets you so hard, doesn’t it? And it just feels so good to touch your cock to addiction reinforcement. It’s your escape, it’s how you lose yourself, it’s how all your worries melt away. How all of your self hatred can be converted into the deepest kind of sexual pleasure there is. And that’s why you’re stuck and that’s why you’re never going to get out of this cycle.

You’re never going to escape because there is no escape. This is your escape. And this is what I want you to jerk to,the cold hard truth. I want you to really understand your situation. I want you to understand why you’re stuck in this cycle, and why you’re so addicted and why you always will be. You see, this is your escape. And although masturbation isn’t really a unique escape, it feels good to pump your cock and lose yourself. Of course it feels good to masturbate, it feels good to everybody. Most people don’t do it as often or as long as you do, but most people do it to unwind. But you don’t just do it to unwind, do you? And that part explains the extreme durations of your masturbation sessions. This in a way has been your form of theråpy. It’s been your way of drifting away from all of your troubles. I know it feels good to be called a loser or a stupid little hand humper, a little jerk puppet. You love being reminded of easily manipulated you are. And you love being reminded of how pathetic you are for masturbating night after night for hours and hours.

You love jerking to what you are. For once that pathetic reality of being you, can feel good. It’s how you escape being you. Suddenly being a pathetic hand humping loser, feels good. Now why would you get rid of that? Why would you get rid of your escape? Your escape from reality. But your escape also incorporates your reality and that’s why it’s so real and that’s why you can’t stop jerking to this kind of porn, that’s why you’ll never stop. There is no theråpy to cure yourself from this. A psychoanalyst might tell you to find a hobby to replace this addiction. But you won’t be able to come up with anything because for the past how every many years, you’ve been pumping your cock to femdom porn. You’ve done nothing else with your time. You wouldn’t even know what to do with yourself.

And then the reality will set in, you’ll be so confused, you’re not going to know what to do to make yourself feel good, as good as this porn makes you feel. You’re not going to know what to do. You’re going to miss all the hot brats who make you feel exactly how you want to feel. All the hot brats who make you feel understood and know exactly what to say to take all the pain away by putting you through a different kind of pain. Reminding you of all of your shortcomings and making them feel good. And if you don’t have that anymore, then all you’ll be left with is the reminder of all your shortcomings.

Before, when all of those sad thoughts entered that sad little mind of yours, you would jerk to make it all go away. And once you don’t have that, you’re just going to be stuck with all those lonely thoughts of what you really are, a hopeless pathetic masturbation addicted loser, who can no longer masturbate. That’s who you’re going to be. And the whole time you’ll be craving that escape that made it all better. Now ask yourself, ‘Do you still want to escape?’ Do you want to escape the one thing that makes you feel good? It is pathetic that humiliation porn makes your pathetic life worth living. But that’s the reality of it. This is your purpose, this is what you live for, and take that away and you’re left with nothing.

So why even think about escaping? I know you specifically came here to jerk to how you can’t escape, but I wanted you to have a moment of clarity where you realize that this isn’t just a fetish and that this is truly pathetic. And then you’ll feel how hot it is to jerk to your real reality. The actual truth. The truth that isn’t just some monologue that I came up with. It’s just a basic understanding of psychology and how your weak brain works. I know who you are and I know what you are and I know why you’re here. And therefore why you’ll never escape. And even if you do, it won’t improve your life. It will destroy it. You’ll have nothing. Because this is all you have, it’s your only escape. So there is no escape loser, this is your escape. And I want you to drill that into your mind, make sure it gets deep in there, pump it deep into your consciousness. There is no escape because this is your escape. This is your life. The life that you deserve and the life that you want. If you try and escape it’s only going to fuck you worse than the addiction itself. There will be no porn to save you from your pain. Or, just wipe out any thoughts of escaping because now you understand that it’s impossible. You’re going to be a gooned out hand humper for the rest of your life.

Addiction Training, Brat Girls, FemDom POV, Gooner, Loser Abuse Fantasy, Mental Domination, Psychological Domination, Psychological Humiliation

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Tags: addiction training,BRAT GIRLS,FEMDOM POV,gooner,Loser Abuse Fantasy,MENTAL DOMINATION,Princess Miki,psychological domination,psychological humiliation


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