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SizeChange - The Magic Barbie Doll
« on: October 12, 2023, 01:37:48 AM »
SizeChange - The Magic Barbie Doll 162 pages

Lisa is cleaning out her room to move and sees an old dollhouse she used to have. She also finds a barbie doll that suddenly comes to life, named Lily. Lily then shrinks Lisa to play in the dollhouse with her. Chase then comes into the room and finds Lisa shrunken and is amused and grabs her and Lily. He asks Lily if she can shrink Lisa again, but Lily decides to shrink him to super tiny size instead. Lisa then grabs Chase and puts him in Lily's cleavage. Lisa and Lily then want to do an outfit change, and Lily makes Lisa's boobs huge to look better in her dress. They then change into bikinis and go swimming in the dollhouse pool. Lisa asks if she can be shrunken again for fun, and Lily shrinks her. Lisa is now smaller than Chase and they explore the giant Lily's body. Lisa then asks to grow back to normal to check her phone. Just as Lily is about to make Lisa big again, Chase jumps in front and he grows back to normal size instead! He teases the now tiny girls before they get one last trick at him...


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