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AlexGTS - Blue Phone
« on: November 27, 2023, 06:17:37 AM »
AlexGTS - Blue Phone 1117 pages

AlexGTS - Blue Phone is a new comic book that follows the story of a Giantess with a fetish for small things. The protagonist, Alex, is a young Giantess who never felt like she fit in. She is bigger than everyone and constantly feels like an outsider. One day, she discovers a blue phone and discovers the world of Giantess Fetishism.

Alex is enthralled with the idea of being in control and having someone small and helpless at her feet. She loves the idea of being able to use her size and strength to dominate and have power over someone smaller than her. She begins to explore the fantasy, creating tiny scenarios with her phone where she is the ruler and the phone users her playthings.

As Alex explores the world of Giantess Fetishism, she also discovers other giantesses, which helps her feel more connected and less like an outsider. She talks to other giantesses, shares fantasies, and even finds a few partners to explore her fetish with. Alex quickly finds that she is not alone and that her fetish is quite common among giantesses.

AlexGTS – Blue Phone is an intriguing story of a giantess exploring her newfound fetishes and discovering a community of people with similar interests. It's a great way to explore the power dynamics of giantess and small person relationships and to learn more about the giantess fetish.


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