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B00tySweat - The Small Screen
« on: November 27, 2023, 06:48:55 AM »
B00tySweat - The Small Screen 16 pages
 Giantess Fetish Adventure

"B00tySweat - The Small Screen Giantess Fetish Adventure" is an original comic book from She-Trix comics about a group of unlikely heroes who take on a giantess fetish adventure. The size of the giantesses in the comic book varies from the size of a human to the size of a large building. Not only is this comic book visually stunning, but it is also packed with plenty of exciting and suspenseful action.

The story starts with a group of young adults that have stumbled upon an ancient artifact that grants them incredible size-altering powers. These powers give them the ability to grow in size, enabling them to explore a secret underground world full of giantesses. The giantesses, though, are not friendly and the group must find a way to survive as they explore the underground world and its many mysteries.

The comic book follows the group as they travel through the underground world, discovering hidden secrets and facing off against dangerous giantesses. Although the main theme of the comic book is about giantesses, it also touches upon the social implications of size play and size-fetishism. It is a unique combination of both science fiction and fantasy, with plenty of action and visual appeal to keep readers interested.

For those that are into size-fetishism, "B00tySweat - The Small Screen Giantess Fetish Adventure" is a must read. It is a unique comic book that


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